The Green Team is a full service real estate company with a mission to promote greener living options. Get in touch today to talk about your needs. Maybe you know exactly what you want. Or perhaps you’re just looking for some information. We’re happy to help!

We work with and appreciate Buyers of all Shades of Green!

The Green Team Can...

  • Help you buy or create a more eco-friendly home. (You don’t have to buy new to get a more eco-friendly residence!)
  • Provide valuable information on what kinds of attributes you should be looking for in your next home purchase that can help you save money on utilities, provide a healthier environment for your family, and can lessen your impact on the earth.
  • Help you determine the energy efficiency of a new purchase or of your existing home.
  • Connect you with qualified product and service providers to make greener upgrades to a home you purchase.
  • Connect you with a highly professional lender, who might even be able to save you money if you plan to buy green or make green improvements to that home you buy.
  • Or, simply help you to find the next home that is just right for you.

If you've visited Fort Collins, we don't have to tell you about the unique beauty and energy of this vibrant, green-minded university town in Northern Colorado.  Never been here?  Take it from the folks at AARP, Money, Outside, Fortune, Business Week, Runner's World and so on - Fort Collins is a very special place viewed from any angle.  

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